kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

Our services

What we provide to our customers

Implementation of the information system is a major change for every company. Before making a decision, it is necessary to take into account all requirements related to future implementation, to ensure the right conditions and readiness of employees to change. We will analyze, implement, test, support operations, guarantee service.

Cloud solution

Our solution is also available as a Cloud Service. So worry about hardware and system management can be left to us. Concentrate your strength on what is essential - your business. Outsourcing IT has enabled many of our customers to significantly reduce the cost of running and developing IT.

Pre-implementation analysis

We will define with you the requirements of the new information system

  •  We map and design your business processes according to your terms
  •  We prepare a project plan and design a solution that we will jointly dump


Implementation itself

  • Create a technical and system environment - we deliver the hardware and software installed and configured optimally for your operations.
  • Installation and configuration of individual modules - configuration of basic BOMs, setting of configuration masks for individual products, setting of warehouse management, setting of branch data processing, editing of print reports, setting of home banking service, setting of ArisCat Market, configuration of remote administration service ...
  • We may perform data migration if the is in the appropriate format and can be used directly by any of the import functions of ArisCAT. E.g. directory and inventory etc. If not, our specialists will convert the data from your source database into the appropriate form.
  • Customize the system according to your requirements based on the initial analysis
  • We will train your employees.
  • At start-up, we will provide you with oversight of the operation.

 Subsequent support for the IS and your users

  • Continue to service mode
  • Managing the computer network and monitoring the operation of the information system
  • Remote monitoring of IS functionality and its management functions, such as regular data backup, regular updates to the system and its new support versions.
  • Hotline - For ArisCat users, we provide telephone counselling that is available on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00 and provided by our experienced consultants. We can effectively resolve your requests with remote connections and immediate intervention right in your business environment.
  • Team Viewer - Install the app and our consultants will find out what you need to know for a while.
  • Training of individual ArisCat modules - customers do not expect customers in the business or production department to read the manual or help the new system. Our specialists train your employees exactly where they are "the most pushing shoe". So they can learn, to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Regular consultations - Regular visits by our specialists help you to prevent problems, deepen the knowledge of your employees, plan any expenses and save costs.
  • The ability to customize and customize customized features - whether or not we customize its appearance and behaviour to users' needs during ERP implementation or routine operations. Based on your requirements, we will implement solutions that address you on modern platforms.
  • Service intervention - You can use this service in the event of a system failure as a whole that cannot be repaired using remote administration. For service intervention, preventive system maintenance, including hardware check, operating system settings, and other additional applications or libraries required to run the information system, is required.

We offer the following funding opportunities

  •  Direct sale of IS licenses
  •  Rental of IS licenses
  •  Leasing to buy IS licenses
  •  Sales of IS licenses with the support of EU grant programs