kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

About company

CATHEDRAL SoftwareCathedral Software is a Czech company that focuses on the development and delivery of the modular information system ArisCAT for business and manufacturing companies. In addition, the company's employees are involved in the development and subsequent distribution of the integrated module for the Helios Orange information system. All these applications are notable for their quality, the ability to respect specific customer wishes and also a favourable price.

Another field of activity of the company is the creation of custom software, where all software can make changes and accessories according to individual wishes and needs of customers. For all the products and services provided, we are able to provide you with a sophisticated system of training, consultation and counselling.

 All these steps in the development of the company have led to the strengthening of its position, which brings about the ever improving quality of the products and services provided. This fact is evident from the year-on-year growth of the company, but mainly, and above all, from the ever increasing number of satisfied customers. Thanks to that, we are able to offer our customers comprehensive services in the field of information and communication technologies.

Corporate values

Information communication technologies presently represent an absolutely indispensable tool for managing every modern company. At present, they are perceived as a necessary part of corporate infrastructure. Without these technologies, in today's competitive environment, it is difficult to promote or develop any business entity. An important fact is, of course, the quality of information and knowledge among the users of these technologies and above all in the quality and reliability of the suppliers.

 And that's the mission of our company, to be a quality and serious supplier or service provider within our business. Our main goal is to establish and maintain long-term cooperation, but can only be created if we provide high-quality services and support them. Because of this, Cathedral Software has set key values:

  •  High quality and reliability of delivered products and services
  •  Long-term cooperation with all business partners
  •  Strong focus on customer desires and requirements
  •  Customer satisfaction
  •  Correct and friendly relationships with customers and suppliers
  •  Pleasant work environment and employee satisfaction



The company was established in the middle of 1996 as the Association of individuals Cathedral Software & Hardware. The company has always been based in the town of Prostějov. The company is characterized by the fact that since its establishment until now it has a purely Czech capital. The company's orientation has not changed yet, and can be briefly characterized by the phrase: "We are focusing on long-term cooperation, which is built on the production of high-quality custom software and the provision of above-standard other services as per customer requirements."

In the period 1997-1998, we developed our business activities and began supplying, installing and managing information systems. We deal with the design, realization and construction of computer networks using structured cabling, implementation of virtual private networks. In 1999, the company moved to newly renovated premises in the Atrium business and social centre in Hlaváček Square.

The resettlement brought further development, when our team grew up with other top programmers and graphics, and we started providing web design services. This newly created team has been and is still able to create a graphical design of www pages including a complete graphic representation of the corporate image (logotype, business cards, letterhead, etc.) Since 2000, our employees have been increasingly focused on the development of information systems that are specific to their uniqueness and that they are created according to the wishes and needs of customers.

One of the first was the Jalousie IS, which was designed for blinds manufacturers, as well as the Hockey 2000, which was created with the support of the Ice Hockey Association of the Czech Republic. In 2004 we received a contract from the state sector for an information system for educational institutions. The breakthrough in the field of information systems has been the IS ArisCAT, which has been operating since 2001. This system has been developed on the basis of practical experience gained in collaborating on the development and implementation of products. ArisCAT is especially specific because it is optimized to handle difficult-to-configure configurable products.

Achievements in the development of information systems were crowned by starting a collaboration with LCS International a.s. (today Asseco Solutions, a.s.), which is one of the largest ERPs on the Czech market. The aim of the cooperation is the development and subsequent distribution of the integrated module for the Helios information system, which will provide the processing of shops with difficult to configure products, such as blinds, blinds, gates, plastic windows.

As of July 16, 2007, the association of natural persons changed the legal form and thus established CATHEDRAL Software s.r.o.

Cooperation with Asseco Solutions grew in 2008-2011 and in 2012 we became an authorized integration partner.

In the spring of 2013, the company moved to the newly renovated premises at Netusilova Street in Prostějov, where we significantly expanded the facilities for company employees and at the same time created representative meeting rooms for customers.