kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

Information on the use of cookies on websites and applications

In this way, we would like to inform you about the access that we apply to the storage and use of cookies in the terminal facilities of visitors to, and the cloud application (hereinafter referred to as the “sites").

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small text file that usually contains a unique identifier that is sent to your terminal's browser and is located in your terminal's storage. This file contains some anonymous information such as an identifier, website name, or duration (expiration time). This file may be temporary and exists at the time you log on to a particular web site, or it may be of a lasting nature and remains in your terminal's storage for the specified expiration date or until it is removed by the user.

Reasons for using cookies:

Cookies are primarily used to make sure that the above websites work properly, to find out what your preferences are, to target the content of your website to better fit your requirements that arise from how you navigate and browse the site your attention. We also use cookies to determine what services you are interested in and then provide you with an offer. We do not use cookies to identify your other personal information, but we may link the data we have through them to your personal information you provide to us in a different way.

 Types of cookies saved through websites

  • System cookies - required to run websites.
  • Cookies that provide some website features - they are important, for example, to keep choosing one of the settings you've chosen, making it easier for you to surf web pages.
  • Cookies to personalize website content - These cookies record your website visits, what links you've watched, and what areas of website you've visited. We use this information to customize your web pages and content with your preferences.

The cookies used on third-party websites whose links may be on this website are governed by their own cookie and data protection policies. Your options for managing cookies

The extent to which each type of cookie is stored can be affected by setting up your browser. You can also remove previously existing cookies that are already located in your terminal's storage. You can also request alerts about saved cookies through your browser settings. More detailed information on cookies is available directly in your browser settings or, if available, please go to your browser's help.

Changing the extent to which you can use cookies, especially if you choose to block cookies, can affect your convenience when browsing the site, or disable some of their features. However, you can always change your decision.