kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží


What is Hotline?

Hotline is a combination of telephone and electronic support and serves for brief operational advice to users of the information system. The purpose of this service is to help the user to remove the obstacle that prevents error-free work with the information system by providing the necessary information. If the obstacle or problem cannot be eliminated, the Hot Line goal is to find out the essence of the problem and to suggest a possible solution or next action related to the removal of the problem.

Next steps - Possible solution to a problem that could not be solved in the Hotline service:

  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Link to electronic documentation 
  • Complaints

Conditions under which Hotline is provided:

The hotline for the information system is provided by telephone and electronically, which means that these forms can be combined as needed and appropriate. The request for Hotline can be received by e-mail, and the subsequent solution can be delivered by phone or electronically. Conversely, a telephone request can be recorded and resolved to the user electronically.

The Hotline service provided within the telephone form is limited to maximum communication lengths of 5-10 minutes. The reason is the need to maintain service availability and enable all users to submit queries and requests. The Hotline service is paid through System Support System Fee and is provided to trained information system users who are in a contractual relationship related to the use or administration of the information system or in the employment relationship to the rights holder of the information system license.

The hotline does not include:

  • Training (clarifying the basic features of the system that are the subject of product training or not clearly stated in the documentation)
  • Consultation (intervention in system settings or system data)
  • Methodical design (communication longer than 15 minutes is already considered as a half-hour of consultation)
  • Install the system or its components
  • Data Correction, Data Interference
  • Technical consultation (installation of infrastructure or parts of it: SQL, OS, tools, including troubleshooting related to these parts)
  • Legislative counselling
  • Business Process Advice
  • Technology and integration counselling
  • Consultation on third-party products (excel, bank SW)
  • Customization tools (creating columns, complete forms)