kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

ArisCAT - a surprising system

Basic information

ArisCAT is a complete information system for business and manufacturing companies. It includes expanded CRM, simple and quick bidding, order management, and customized production and warehouse management. It allows to keep an unlimited number of warehouses and to organize the material and goods into storage groups. Manage outputs and statistics can be customized and exported to Microsoft Office documents. The user of the program can change the print assemblies and masks for configuring the products themselves. Customers can take advantage of the integrated online store and mobile app that the manufacturer can customize.

Structure of the IS ArisCAT


Struktura systému ArisCAT

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Detailed information about individual modules



The Customer module is used to record customers contacts. Provides information about contact persons, company headquarters, turnover, and customer payment morale.
For example, it is possible to set the default currency for orders, discounts or premiums for individual products and other settings.


The Suppliers module is used to register supplier companies. Allows you to create statistics for individual vendors.

Offer/ Order

They allow you to generate quotations very efficiently, tilting them into orders and then into production. In addition, the module provides information on the payments made and the documents created for the individual orders.


This module allows to plan production based on orders or past production and to plan the consumption of raw materials based on consumer standards (production recipe) and the current state of the warehouse. Manages production preparation, evaluates production, prepares daily production, tracks long-term production and consumption patterns of raw materials, planned and produced quantities.


The installer module provides an overview of all fitters working for the business, their price parameters, turnaround and other statistical information.


The Documents module contains a list of all issued documents:

  • receipt of goods and dispatch of goods - every movement of goods in stock (depreciation / writing) is recorded, for example, the purchase of goods in stock, the depreciation / receipt of goods during the production of the order.
    In the module itself, it is possible to add a new document, edit or delete the existing one.
  • invoices issued and received - all invoicing of the company can be implemented in this module. You can use transfer functions such as transferring from another type of document or automatically generating an invoice based on contract information.


In the Stock module, you can divide all products into one or more warehouses, warehouse groups, and subgroups. In individual warehouses, you define stock cards, purchase definitions (warehouse number and principal supplier's description), purchase, consumer and sales prices, and other settings. You can set up conversion units (e.g., 1 roll = 30 m) and definition of fast material transfers.


Used to set all system parameters, from product definition, print reports, user actions, and central parameter settings.


Sets access rights for users to access individual modules and their rights to read, write, and run user actions.


The module serves for detailed analysis of business, production and financial flows of the company.


The module allows you to record the payments made, either cash or non-cash, and pair them with invoices issued. Non-cash payments can also be processed from Internet homebanking files. For cash payments, the checkbox creates checksums and control mechanisms to avoid defrauding.

Internet portal, mobile application

Serves as an information portal for customers, vendors, or installers. It allows you to create demand, displays customer's calculated bids, order execution, expedition, invoices issued and their turnover and payment morale.