kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

kvalitní konfigurátor výrobků, on-line plánovač montáží

Function description and pricelist

  • Setting custom parameters for sales prices
  • Definition of own traders
  • Final-users records, including installation and billing documentation
  • Making inquiries and orders against the sellers
  • Preparation of business documents for end customers including a quotation
  • Documentation in electronic form
  • Installation planning
  • Generating invoices and payment records
  • Clear statistics on deals and orders
  • Downloadable documentation published by the manufacturer
  • Email notifications of important events
  • Mobile apps for sales promotion and installations
  FREE E2 E3 Description
Price in CZK 0 299 499 (user/month)
Inquires ANO ANO ANO Request creation, including report, recapitulation of costs
Orders ANO ANO ANO Possibility to make orders and send to the manufacturer
Deliveries ANO ANO ANO List of delivery dates for orders issued
Accepted invoices ANO ANO ANO List of accepted invoices from manufacturers including payment information.
Statistics ANO ANO ANO Turnover and payment statistics
Users ANO ANO ANO Trader definition - system users.
Documentation ANO ANO ANO Product documentation provided by manufacturers
End customers offers ANO ANO ANO End customer offers ( Producer logo)
CRM NE ANO ANO Records of business cases, concact meeteings, creation od a submit including a price offer (Own logo)
Customers NE ANO ANO End customers register
Own forms NE ANO ANO Editing form price offer + cost recap
Realization + mobile application NE ANO ANO Installation planning, calendar + mobile app.
Services NE ANO ANO Services planning
Complaints NE ANO ANO The list of accepted complaints
Documents NE ANO ANO Possibility to store your own documents up to 500 MB
Invoices issued NE NE ANO Creation of invoices issued to end customers including payment records
Operating documents NE NE ANO Document creation, focus protocol, work contract, delivery protocol and more
EET NE NE ANO EET register - Czech legislation


Additional expansion of storage 1TB: 99 CZK per month.

Every another user E1/E2: 199 / 349 CZK per month.

Unlimited number of users E1/E2 (more than 20 users): 3 990 / 6 990 CZk per month